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  1. I think Brad is gay and covered his tracks by marrying a woman and having children. He was suspected of having a hairdresser boyfriend in SW Mpls. at the time of his wife’s murder, according to a co-worker of mine in 1996. This person told me he was surprised that Brad had a wife, since he had observed him with this guy.. I find it interesting that a reddit posting also mentions an alleged gay connection. Just another idea the police should look into.

      1. You should have responded to that sooner. That was posted almost two months ago and I doubt that person is still reading this page.

  2. If a wife is murdered-its about 90% the husband did it. If someone is murdered up close-with a knife-the killer most often has a relationship with the victim. Ann also had a large life insurance. A friend of Brad is quite sure he did it-blood was found in the house. It is clear who did this crime.

      1. A college buddy of Brads-info given to Mpls Police. For what its worth the Kmart spot was not random a-easy walk/drive back to in laws house, b-think of the cities at the time-kmart on lake a very bad place-car dropped in that lot on purpose. saw on another blog-in past that brad might be gay or bi. the police are sharp they know who did this-in my town 5 or so ‘unsolved murders’ the police know who did all of them.

        1. So you’re saying there’s no evidence, only conjecture. Brad & Ann were nearly 10 years out of college at the time of the murder. How much contact did they have with this “college buddy”? The proximity of the Kmart to the Barber residence is well known and the shabby condition of it has been discussed on this web site before. If Brad did the murder and is “gay or bi,” then why has he married two women? Why is he not off somewhere beyond the reach of US extradition leading a gay or bi lifestyle?

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