My vision

Armchair Investigator was born out of my genuine curiosity in true crime and unsolved mysteries. With the popularity of both true crime and social media, maybe I can work together with the masses to bring justice to the forgotten.

My Story

I grew up in Minneapolis and one case in particular that never left my mind was the Anne Dunlap case. A mystery in my own "backyard" that fell off the radar and was never solved. I never forgot about her. Maybe in some way, I saw myself in her. What if that was me? What if people forgot about me, and I never received justice?

Where were you December 30, 1995 between the hours of 12:00 and 9:30 pm?

Let's fill in the blanks on what happened that day! Someone had to have seen something! The day before New Year's Eve...in 1995. If you were in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area on December 30, 1995, think back and tell us what happened.

Meet Me

This is a one-woman show. I hope to bring light to a cold case from Minnesota. I hope to inspire others to share their thoughts and ideas. I don't know everything about police investigation but I learn a little more each day. Join me!

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My junior police officer badge, earned in elementary school.

Tricia Fiske, Armchair Investigator

My junior police officer badge, earned in elementary school.