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I apologize for the post hiatus/blog vacation. I have reached out to several people regarding the case. Problem was, if I couldn’t get information, or I reached a dead-end, I didn’t write about it. In hindsight, it is still relevant to the progress of the case (and I should at least tell you about it). One of my attempts was to interest a member of the Vidocq Society.

The Vidocq Society is made up of retired experts (forensics, psychology, law enforcement, historians, etc.) to provide guidance to law enforcement agencies and assist with unsolved homicides at no cost! One caveat is the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction must invite the Vidocq Society to help. I thought this was a sure thing. Who would decline free help from renown experts? I contacted Minneapolis Police and explained what the Vidocq Society offered. Unfortunately, they declined outside assistance because the Anne Dunlap case is still considered an active investigation. I thought it was a cold case. I wonder what angle they are working. They must still be receiving tips and information..?

I also attempted to get the 911 call recordings and/or the transcriptions for them. Unfortunately, I found out calls and transcriptions are only saved 5-7 years. I worked with a librarian/historian to try to find more information. She wasn’t able to find information aside from the MST.pdf files of news stories. I haven’t given up though. I still have a couple of irons in the fire and am waiting to hear back.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas.

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  1. Have you talked to Esme Murphy at channel 4? I think she did some of the reporting on this case for the station. They obtained the nine-one-one call transcripts or maybe it was even the tapes and they broadcast one of them on one of the anniversaries of the case (or maybe it was when the case was reopened). They were holding on to the other calls for future stories that might not have ever materialized. They probably still have them. If you can’t get them to share them with you maybe you could persuade them to broadcast the other calls.

    1. Hi, Minnesota Man,
      I have not. Thanks for the tip. I’ll find out tomorrow if I can get them from channel 5. If not, I’ll contact channel 4. Have a good night!

  2. Tricia,

    Thanks for keeping this case alive. However, I don’t think you’re naive enough to believe this is a open-ended investigation. As soon as Anne’s body was discovered, the police decided Brad Dunlap did it. They believed it when they interrogated him that day. They have believed it ever since. At one point, the investigator in charge of the case said there was no other explanation.

    The police are not interested in information about the case that is going to lead to a thousand different rabbit trails. They are only interested in information that incriminates Bradley Dunlap. The only way you can help is by ferreting out information that incriminates Brad Dunlap.

    Brad Dunlap has moved completely on from his murdered first wife. He has a new wife, children, a business called The Best IRS. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, not Minneapolis. It’s as if his marriage to Anne and her murder had never happened. He does not have anything to do with a hunt for “the real killer.” He wishes the news media and people like you would go away. Compare him to Patty Wetterling, who did not rest a day without trying to find out what happened to her son.

    The Minneapolis police have more information about this case than anyone else, except the perpetrator. They have believed since day one that Brad Dunlap is that perpetrator. Ask yourself: If you had all of their information, what would you believe?

  3. I know as a FACT all, yes all evidence in a murder case, is held forever. Yes, FOREVER even after a person has been convicted. The evidence will remain in Police Custody because of the process of appeals. The only way they would NOT have it, is because they lost it. That has happened before & not just with the Mpls Police, other agencies as well.

    Since those recordings are evidence, they still have them. Keep asking for them, or get someone higher up to assist you like the chief or mayor. Anyone that has the Power to help you. You should also see if they will give you the itemized list of the evidence being held. Maybe that would help Anne’s parents to realize their EX-son-in-law is a murderer!!

  4. Exciting news about the arrest of Donald C. Jenkins Jr. on Tuesday for the 1991 murder of 20 year old Belinda Thompson in Minneapolis. Jenkins was arrested earlier that year for prostitution. In 1993, he was convicted of 1st degree criminal sexual assault and sentenced to 65 months in the slammer. (Which gives him an alibi for the ABD murder.) After he got out, he was busted in 2000 for failure to register as a predatory offender. Minneapolis police, with help from the FBI, nailed him for the Thompson murder with help from DNA. What a nice Christmas present for the Thompson family!

    Also, this past weekend, the CBS program 48 Hours did a full hour about the disappearance and likely murder of Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City, Iowa in 1995. The episode was titled “Find Jodi” and also featured the web site findjodi.com, which like this one, is focused on amassing evidence and bringing justice for one particular victim. One of the people behind findjodi.com is Caroline Lowe, retired WCCO-TV journalist who also covered the ABD murder. She is someone you ought to contact about your quest for justice for Anne and her killer.

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